Windows port of Frozen Bubble by Amir Szekely

Frozen Bubble version 1.0.0 ported!

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Frozen Bubble running on Windows

As you probably know if you have come here, Frozen Bubble is the most addictive game ever created. This project gives all of you Windows users out there the chance to get addicted too.

The installer will make sure you have these installed before it lets you install Frozen Bubble.

Known limitations:

Change log:
Porting steps:
This is just a description of how I ported the game. To play the game just download and install.

  1. Download sources:
    1. Download Frozen Bubble source code
    2. Download ActivePerl 5.6
    3. Download SDL_Perl for Windows
    4. Download SDL source code
    5. Download SDL_Mixer source code
  2. Install Perl and SDL_Perl
    1. Install Perl
    2. Install SDL_Perl
    3. Install SDL_Perl Perl's package using PPM
      ppm install SDL_perl.ppd
  3. Compile SDL and SDL_Mixer and get .lib files (with whatever compiler you want)
  4. Edit c_stuff\Makefile.PL and remove any trace to sdl-config
  5. Execute Makefile.PL
  6. Edit Makefile_c: change from VC to MinGW and add SDL and SDL_mixer's include dirs to the include path
  7. Make Makefile_c and comment every line that make doesn't like
  8. Use MinGW's dllwrap to create the DLL from fb_c_stuff.o linking to the libs created in step 7
    dllwrap --dllname=fb_c_stuff.dll fb_c_stuff.o --driver-flags -L./ -L<Perl dir>\lib\CORE -lSDL -lSDL_mixer -lperl56 -mdll --def fb_c_stuff.def
  9. Edit frozen-bubble, replace $ENV{HOME} with $FPATH and add a window icon

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